3 Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rates That You Might Be Unaware Of

There are many factors taken into consideration when insurance companies calculate auto insurance quotes. Your driving record, age, and gender are three common ones, but there are others you might not be aware of. Here are three of the factors you might not know about, along with information for how each factor may affect your rates. Commute time The amount of time you spend behind the wheel can affect your car insurance rates.

Not Sure If Your American Insurance Will Cover You In Canada? Look For A Vistors To Canada Plan

It's no secret that international travelers need insurance when they take their trips. What's harder to figure out, though, is whether any insurance they already have will offer coverage. This is especially true for Americans, who have a labyrinthine insurance system to navigate. If you're in the U.S. and about to cross the border to the north, even for a few hours, contact a Canadian insurance agency and ask about "

3 Tips For Getting The Most Of Your Commercial Insurance

Running a small business requires you expand your comfort zone, as you take the baby steps that allow your enterprise to grow. Buying commercial insurance is a step that most business owners will have to come across as their enterprise continuously expands. Taking this step may be foreign to you if you're not prepared and aware of what to expect. To put your best foot forward with the purchase of commercial insurance, key in on these guidelines.

How Much Liability Coverage Do You Need in Your Tenant Insurance Policy?

Many people are familiar with the content insurance part of tenant's insurance. But you need to think a little about the liability portion as well. Basic liability coverage can make a huge difference in what comes out of your pocket and what doesn't if there's an injury or damage. What Liability Insurance Covers Liability insurance covers things that can happen to people in or around your apartment or housing unit. It also covers things that can happen accidentally.

Top Renters Insurance Myths

As a renter, you are the only one responsible protecting your property. If a disaster were to occur or someone burglarized you, you wouldn't be able to hold your landlord liable for anything. Additionally, the landlord's property insurance only protects the home and the property – not your belongings. If you want to protect your stuff (and it is wise to do so), you need to purchase renters insurance. Unfortunately, the myths surrounding renters insurance often lead to people never purchasing a policy.