Car Break-Ins: 3 Effective Ways To Prepare For Them

One of the worst things to experience as a car owner is a break-in. These events can happen out of nowhere, but you can be better prepared for them by taking these steps. Put A Lock On The Steering Wheel Sometimes people who break into your car may be looking to steal it. You can prevent them from driving away, however, by putting a steel steering wheel lock on the steering wheel.

The Lesser Known Auto Insurance Options You Might Need

Auto insurance comes in two parts: the coverage you're required by law to carry, and the optional coverage you can select to meet your needs.  The best-known optional coverages are comprehensive and collision—although even those aren't optional if you have a car loan.  Beyond the basics, there are several other add-ons for your policy that can make a world of difference to you in the event of a claim.  These lesser-known coverage options cost little and can save you a lot of money.