Top Renters Insurance Myths

As a renter, you are the only one responsible protecting your property. If a disaster were to occur or someone burglarized you, you wouldn't be able to hold your landlord liable for anything. Additionally, the landlord's property insurance only protects the home and the property – not your belongings. If you want to protect your stuff (and it is wise to do so), you need to purchase renters insurance. Unfortunately, the myths surrounding renters insurance often lead to people never purchasing a policy.

5 Mistakes Restaurants Often Make With Their Insurance Policies

Running a restaurant can be exciting and fulfilling -- but it's also very complicated. Restaurants are required to maintain high levels of insurance to make sure that employees, equipment, customers and the physical structure of their building are all protected. This can get overwhelming very quickly.  1. Paying Workers' Compensation Incorrectly It can be fairly easy for a restaurant to file workers compensation forms incorrectly. Workers compensation policies are paid based on the amount of employees, how often they work and how much they make.

What You Should Know About Personal Insurance

There are many things that can happen in life that can lead to you getting into a financial bind. However, you can make sure that you have some type of financial protection by investing in personal insurance. In this article, learn about personal insurance and the different types that you can consider for more security in your life. What is Personal Insurance? Personal insurance is financial coverage for situations that may occur in your life, such as getting into an automobile accident, developing health problems or suffering home damage in a natural disaster.

3 Boat Insurance Discounts You Might Be Eligible For

Owning a boat can be a great luxury, especially during those warm months of summer when you want nothing more than to catch some rays in the middle of your favorite body of water. At the same time, however, owning a boat can be quite expensive. In addition to any monthly payments you may owe on your boat, in addition to regular maintenance, you must also take the cost of insurance into consideration.

Why Supplemental Insurance May Be Such A Great Option For You

Having insurance coverage is important when an accident occurs. There are many people who do not realize how much they could benefit from supplemental insurance on top of the health insurance that they already have. Use the following guide to learn why supplemental insurance may be such a great investment for you to make. Help with Unexpected Bills A supplemental insurance policy pays for things that traditional insurance coverage does not cover.