Not Sure If Your American Insurance Will Cover You In Canada? Look For A Vistors To Canada Plan

It's no secret that international travelers need insurance when they take their trips. What's harder to figure out, though, is whether any insurance they already have will offer coverage. This is especially true for Americans, who have a labyrinthine insurance system to navigate. If you're in the U.S. and about to cross the border to the north, even for a few hours, contact a Canadian insurance agency and ask about "Visitors to Canada" plans, which offer health coverage and travel accident insurance.

The ACA Won't Be Enough

Affordable Care Act plans usually do not cover anything that happens outside the country. That means that if you slip right as you cross over into Canada, you're not going to have your medical costs paid unless you head back over the border into the U.S. for treatment. You can find separate travel insurance policies in the U.S., but it would be easier to get your plan from a Canadian agency because those plans are tailored to fit the Canadian health system. Plus, the Canadian plans will not change their mind and decide to not approve treatment, like plans in other countries can do.

Limits May Apply

You get what you pay for with these plans, by the way. Cheaper plans offer fewer benefits. Some may offer both health and travel accident coverage, but others might offer only nominal health coverage. If you have existing health conditions, you may want to go for the more expensive plans in case you require care for those conditions during your trip. Be aware that the really cheap plans might not cover costs if you require hospitalization.

You Should Always Have Coverage

Medical emergencies can happen at any time, and illnesses can strike often -- and often without warning. As peaceful as Canada seems, you can't take the risk that nothing will happen while you are there. Having proper medical coverage that will pay for your costs is essential just in case. Basically, it's one of those things that you'd rather have and not need than need and not have.

If you're about to travel to Canada, contact an insurance broker in the first city in which you'll travel, or the city through which you'll enter Canada. It can take some time to get the paperwork sorted, so call early on in your trip-planning sessions. Get that plan in place as soon as you can so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about unforeseen costs. For more insurance questions, talk a company like commercial insurance Meyer's Insurance Ltd.