Why Supplemental Insurance May Be Such A Great Option For You

Having insurance coverage is important when an accident occurs. There are many people who do not realize how much they could benefit from supplemental insurance on top of the health insurance that they already have. Use the following guide to learn why supplemental insurance may be such a great investment for you to make.

Help with Unexpected Bills

A supplemental insurance policy pays for things that traditional insurance coverage does not cover. If you find out that you have cancer or need to get physical therapy after an injury, many policies will pay you for the miles you put on your car and for each treatment you need. The supplemental coverage pays you for getting yearly checkups and screenings, as well.

Allows You to Fully Recover

If you are hospitalized, supplemental insurance policies pay you for every day that you are in the hospital. The longer you are hospitalized, the more money you will receive. This allows you to still pay your bills as you recover. If you do not have supplemental insurance, your health insurance will more than likely cover the immediate costs associated with your hospital stay, but your mortgage, electric, and all other bills will still have to be paid out of your own pocket. This often causes people to go back to work too soon.

Very Affordable

There are many options available when it comes to supplemental insurance and all come in a variety of price ranges. If you want to save even more money on the overall cost of your supplemental insurance, have multiple people from your company join the policy with you. The more people on the group policy, the lower your rates will be. The difference between what you will pay as an individual and what you will pay when you are a part of a group can be quite substantial.

Get Paid Quickly

Most supplemental insurance policies pay the policyholder within a week of submitting a claim. This means that you can get the money that you need to pay bills right away. There are no hoops to jump through either. You simply submit the claim online, by fax, or in person, and your agent starts to work on the claim right away.

If you think that supplemental insurance may be a great option for you, have an agent come to your business to discuss the options with you. The agent will let you know what the rates are for you as an individual and what the rates would be if multiple people from your business participated in a group policy. The coverage often starts within a month of you establishing it so that you can get the coverage you need as soon as possible. Contact a company like Booth Scott Ltd to get started.